Terms of use

### Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) constitute the legally binding terms applicable to your use of the Services. The Terms apply to all services provided through the Service. Please note that the Terms constitute the agreement between you (“you” or “the user”) and HHG governing your rights and obligations when using the Services. It is important that you read and understand these Terms. By registering on the Service, clicking “Next” or any similar button, by installing or signing into the Service or by using the Service in any manner, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and the conditions of its use. You are hereby informed that in order to function and serve its purpose, the Service must process your personal data and sensitive health data, and you grant your consent to their processing through the relevant consent fields. A summary of our personal data protection policy can be found here.

Welcome to the HHG STAY SAFE. The Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG) is the largest private health care group in Greece, consisting of top hospitals, diagnostic centres and a medical device marketing company. The STAY SAFE Service (the “Service”) gives you the ability to book for a COVID-19 examination. The results are only accessible by patients with the access code.

You represent and warrant that you have legal capacity to accept and comply with the Terms and conditions of this Service, that you have read and fully understood the Terms, that you do not have diminished capacity to understand such issues, and that you have not been declared incapacitated. You accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and relevant forms of consent provided.

Use of the Service assumes acceptance of the Terms. Do not use, install or open the Service and do not register as a Service user if you do not accept or understand these Terms. If acceptance of these Terms is required before or after installing the Service with regard to using the Service and you do not accept these Terms, you do not have the right to use this Service. In this event, please uninstall the Service in question and any copies immediately.

We may amend or change these Terms at any time. In this event, we you will be asked to accept the updated terms.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms, you can contact us at the contact details found at the end of these Terms.

### Registration

In order to use the Service, you must register, accept the Terms of Use, review the Data Protection Policy and continuously comply with the Terms. In order to register, you must fill out your AMKA, mobile telephone number and email. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to register and use the Service. You represent and warrant that you will use the Service in accordance with these terms and in compliance with the applicable legislation.

You fully undertake the responsibility of providing accurate and clear information regarding the use of the Service. If the information you provide later become incorrect or misleading, you must notify us immediately of any such changes.

You are hereby informed that the Service will be made operational electronically with your consent immediately after you open the Service. Please be aware that access to the Service requires internet access for which your provider may impose additional charges. You are responsible for learning about and covering the cost of communications, hardware and software.

Patient information and confidentiality

The Service data are governed by medical confidentiality and are equivalent to patient files that are created, stored, communicated and kept confidential in accordance with the statutory framework in force. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 679/2016), the health service providers (Clinics/Diagnostic Centres/Polyclinics) of HHG are defined as data controllers. Under Greek legislation, medical files are kept in electronic form.

The data subject may exercise the right of access to their data, rectification, supplementation, erasure, restriction, the right to object with respect to their data, as well as the right to portability of the data and withdrawal of any consent granted in the context of this Service at any time (without retroactive effect) by sending a message to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) via e-mail at gdpr1@hygeia.gr or via post at: 14, Fleming Street, GR-15123, Marousi, Greece. If an issue cannot be resolved, the data subject reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (1-3, Kifisias Avenue, GR-11523, Athens, Greece, Tel.: +30 2106475600) at the link (https://www.dpa.gr/el/polites/katagelia_stin_arxi).

Any consent granted must be a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the desire of the data subject whereby, via a declaration or clear affirmative act, they declare their consent to the processing of the personal data that concern them, where required. In order to withdraw their consent regarding this Service, patients-users can notify the Data Protection Officer (DPO) via e-mail at gdpr1@hygeia.gr or via post at: 14, Fleming Street, GR-15123, Marousi, Greece.

### Copyright

These Terms grant you the right to use the Service only as long as these Terms remain in effect. All intellectual property rights and other rights, including all copyright, patents and trade secrets of the Service, including Location and the Service, shall remain the property of HHG. You do not have the right to copy, store, reproduce, alter or assign the Service or part thereof. However, users have the right to store individual items of information that concern them, in accordance with the purpose of the Service and these Terms.

### Services provided by third parties

The Service may also provide information or links to third-party services. HHG shall bear no liability for third-party services or any information, actions or omissions on their part.

### Prohibited actions

The following list contains examples of actions prohibited in relation to the Service:


Illicit or unlawful use of the Service;

Transmission of any information, material, content or information that is offensive, degrading, indecent, false, infringing or otherwise unlawful;

Transmission or publication of viruses, malicious software or other malicious code to the Service;

Amendment or other alteration of the Service;

Obstruction or deactivation of the Service.

In order to ensure the inviolability and security of the Service, we reserve the right to block access to the Service at any time, without cause and without notice.

Each user shall be held liable for all indirect and consequential losses, including losses incurred by third parties, that may arise from use of the Service in breach of the legislation, these Terms or other good practices.

### Personal data and security

The appropriate protection of your privacy and personal data and health data is very important to us. The Service can and must store and process the personal data and health data of patients - users of the Service. This information is confidential and protected under the Code of Medical Ethics (Law 3418/2005), the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 679/2016) and the implementing national law (Law 4624/2019), and shall be processed and used solely in accordance with these Terms and the applicable legislation in force. The Code of Medical Ethics and the statutory framework in force set forth the manner and type of data that must be stored for the remote healthcare and patient care provision and appointment setting service. These data make up the health data file. For detailed information on the way the personal data and health data of patients - Service users are handled, please review the Personal Data Protection Policy).

By using the Service, you consent to the collection of your personal data and the use of the Service in accordance with the aforesaid Policy and the legislation and regulations in force.

You are hereby informed that patient data are stored in a central registry using cloud technology; this registry is maintained by the HHG Personal Patient File service. All the necessary technical and organisational security measures are implemented. Patient registries are governed by confidentiality and secrecy. Any disclosure to third parties may take place pursuant to an express legal provision or following permission and consent on your part in writing. You can review the information stored in our registry at any time via the Service or following a written request filed by e-mail. The right to review may not apply only in exceptional cases. Similarly, you have the right to request the rectification of any incorrect information contained in our registry, or withdraw or restrict your consent.

### Responsibility for data declared

You hereby represent and consent that you will not provide us with false personal data and health data, and will not create a user account for any person other than yourself. You are fully responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data unilaterally declared by registering with this Service. You understand and consent that network and mobile telephony services are not absolutely secure. You are responsible for the appropriate security of devices, systems, identifiers and works. Please make sure to duly protect your identity details associated with the Service. You are responsible for any use of the Service from your account.


Pay Pal: The Pay Pal method for your purchases is available. Your transactions will be made via Paypal. We confirm that HHG has no information on your credit card.

Credit / debit card: charges are made using the Viva Payments service. Accepted cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. From the very beginning until the completion of your on-line session, all your personal information is encrypted under the 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL) encryption protocol. Each time a Viva payment is made, the entire exchange of information between your computer and the Viva system is encrypted using the Thawte (the most recognized provider of encryption keys for banking services) EV 128 bit key. This means that every time you send information towards the system, your browser first encrypts the information using the 128 bits key and then sends the information to the system. The Viva system decodes the information using the same key (which is predetermined at the start of your connection to the service) and then goes on to process the information. The Viva system sends you information using the same encryption procedure.

Viva Payment Services is a Payment Institution licensed by the Bank of Greece. The same basic principles which govern conventional bank transactions also apply in the case of Viva. All information disclosed by Viva cardholders is strictly confidential.

####Cancelation Policy

The booking for a COVID-19 test is non refundable / non cancellable. Your credit card will be charged the full amount at the time of booking.

### Liability disclaimer

You bear liability for use of the service via your device. You understand and consent that the Service is provided to you in the form described herein.

In any event, you can always consult your personal physician in regard to your health data.

### Applicable legislation and dispute resolution

These terms are governed by Greek legislation, and the courts of the city of Athens shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise.

### Contact

The service is provided by the HHG Group. If you have any questions concerning these Terms or the Service, please send us an e-mail message at staysafe@digitalclinic.gr.

Do not send health information or other sensitive data via e-mail, as it is not secure.

### Effective period and expiry

We reserve the right to change or terminate the Service at any time, on any grounds, without notice, and to terminate or suspend your access to the Service and/or your account. Upon expiry, all the parameters of these Terms that, by their nature, are intended to remain in effect despite the termination of the user licence shall remain in effect.

In any event, all your health data created through the use of this Service shall be retained as described above.